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There is a lot of work involved. You must have your positive intentions, hold on to these visions of what you desire to create, but then you have to put in the work. That was his take that was his way of philosophizing The Law of Attraction because when we take action and trust with the right intentions, everything will work itself out. While positivity is absolutely necessary when discussing the Law of Attraction, you also have to take action. This video explains more You have to constantly be producing content. Whether you are creating ads, blog posts, videos, or podcasts, you have to put in the work.

The universe is going to deliver you more scarcity and more negativity. The universe delivers me what I need. A path will appear. Sure, learning to shift your mindset like this can be challenging.

Especially when your bank account is close to empty or when you only have a few subscribers. However, if you recognize the small moments of abundance throughout your day, this will shift everything. Recognize that moment when you get a paycheck, the moment when you get a new email list subscriber. Be grateful for these moments. You have to give to give. It is about simply putting out the absolute best content that you can with the sole purpose being to help your audience.

My goal is to provide you, my audience, with quality content. I put out this content simply to give my audience a positive experience. My YouTube channel has exploded in a very competitive niche and this is only because I am utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction. Jay Abraham, a brilliant marketer and consultant, has a philosophy that you need to give results in advance. So how to do that? Although I personally prefer blogging or videos because these have a longer shelf life than social media posts. Each one of these pieces of content becomes an asset to me.

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A compact offering of my philosophies. If you have been putting out content and you haven't figured out why it's not working, get really serious with yourself and ask if you are putting out content for the sake of giving to your audience or whether you are giving content to get something from your audience. Because trying to get something from your audience is just not going to work.

But this does not work because folks like this are not willing to give and therefore they are never going to get anything in return. Just like magnets are attracted to magnets, people are attracted to people who are willing to give of themselves. Once you've grown an audience, a subscriber list, you can begin to offer them solutions to their big problems.

It makes sense to have an email in your autoresponder series at some point that directly links them to something that's going to help them beyond your free content. Now the coolest part about how this is when you produce a piece of content that truly helps someone in their life and gives that person a positive experience. On a karmic level, you are literally able to receive some of the positive benefits from all of the folks that you help. Studies have shown that what really builds brand loyalty are your shared values.

To sum it up, not only does like attract like but it keeps your ideal buyer coming back for more. Can I hear an amen for that! The saying, do what you love and the money will follow, really is true. The funny thing is that I know all of this. Am I great at it all?

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You definitely attracted me to you my dear and thank you for being so clear on this topic. Just what the doctor ordered.

Attraction Marketing Tips - 3 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Prospect

So I would say that this was a good match! I look forward to seeing where you take your business. And I am here if you need help or a sounding board. Within seconds I am in a positive mental state. This enables me to come up with great ideas. Interestingly, by consciously thinking positive thoughts, the brain will create new neural-pathways to those positive thought patterns. Over time, neural-pathways to the negative thought patterns will die off. This makes it so much easier to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Those who practiced focusing on positive outcomes saw big changes in what they were able to create and accomplish in business.

You are spot on with this topic of LOA!

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First time I heard of it was when I was in network marketing. For me it was when I started doing marketing. It just amazes me of how it works whether consciously or unconsciously! But I have to say that I love it! You must be logged in to post a comment. Kelly McCormick's Business Tips.

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  4. What is The Law of Attraction? We Use The Law of Attraction Everyday Okay you might be thinking that this law of attraction stuff is really woo-woo or out there. Social Media and Your Potential Clients To get even more out of the law of attraction, post articles, updates and photos on the social media sites most frequented by your ideal client. I can help you too!

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