COACH: Empower Others to Effectively Lead a Small Group

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Use each opportunity to interact with them and you will discover hundreds of new ways of organizing your activities more successfully. Make People Feel Appreciated One of the greatest needs of each person is the need of being appreciated.

Lead as Coach in Times of Change

Very often appreciation is a greater reward than money. Show your sincere gratitude for the unique contribution every one makes to the organization. Support New Ideas Each team member will feel empowered by the opportunity to not only implement day to day tasks, but as well as suggest new ideas and make them a reality.

3-Day Intensive Leadership Development Workshop

Give people a chance to take initiative and you will be amazed by their ability to create brilliant ideas. Give Challenging Tasks People can't grow if they are constantly doing what they have always done. Let them develop new skills by giving challenging tasks. At the same time make sure the tasks are reachable and in the frames of the person's interests.

Encourage Creativity Supervising doesn't mean controlling each and every step. It means making sure that all the organizational activities are being implemented at the highest level. Give people the freedom to find their own unique ways of solving issues.

12 Characteristics of Effective Leadership — The Thriving Small Business

Challenge them to think out of the box. Give Each One Opportunities to Grow If people know that everything is going to be the same way all the time, they will definitely lose the motivation to put their maximum efforts in work. They should be sure that the devotion and hard work will lead to new personal and professional achievements. Empower Each Individual Very often people need just a little encouragement to believe in themselves and to realize that they have a greater potential within.

Always show your confidence in the unique abilities and potential of your team members. Give as Much Support as You Can Even if people in your organization are self-disciplined and creative enough for finding solutions to various problems, anyway they are always in need of your guidance. Support them as much as you can, and they will be inspired to do the same for you and for the organization.

Manage Each One Individually Every person has their strengths and weaknesses. Someone may be amazing at public speaking, while the other one has great writing skills.

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Give people a chance to operate in the frames of their strengths, and they will be more confident and motivated in their activities. Routine is the enthusiasm killer. They might not accomplish everything exactly as you would have, but they will get the job done with their own flair.

Make a habit of sitting down with your employees and engaging in one-on-one conversation.

Focus & Objectives of the 3 Days

You can have these talks in your office, in the break room or at a coffee shop down the street. Intentionally ask about their work progress, such as accomplishments or even complaints, but also make an effort to get to know your staff on a personal level. This will lead to a friendlier and more productive office environment. It will also help you grow as a leader. Two-thirds of people agree that their boss had some kind of impact on their career — make sure it is a positive one.

Some companies will even support continued education or classes outside of the workplace that enhance personal growth. Allowing your salesperson or HR representative to leave half an hour early every Thursday for community orchestra practice can do wonders for their well-being and work ethic.

Your Development Matters

What Makes Employees Happy? You want your employees to know that their opinions are valued in order to truly empower them. A simple gesture such as leaving your office door open can do wonders to communicate this. This might seem counterintuitive, but you are going to get a lot more out of your employees if you work to keep them from burning out. Learn to spot the symptoms of burnout , and avoid getting anywhere close by actively supporting vacation time.

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Your employees will actually be more productive and better at their jobs if they are well-rested and rejuvenated. Share the projects that people and customers notice. This will show employees that they have a real effect on the business. Be flexible with your employees as things come up. Perhaps try a different schedule that allows a parent to drop their kids off at school in the morning. admin