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Uncovering Bukit Brown by: Asian Film Archive by: The Singapore Architect—06 by: The Singapore Architect—05 by: The Singapore Architect—04 by: Seeing The Kites Again by: The Singapore Architect—03 by: The Singapore Architect—02 by: Ritz Carlton—Summer Pavilion Brochure by: A beautiful, ornate Christmas song from year-old songwriter Gabriella Rose that glistens like sun on snow. Somewhere Else by Profligate.

Somewhere Else

Purchasable with gift card. Lose A Little Jet Black King of the World Needle in Your Lip Profligate's first full length since , Somewhere Else deftly balances seeming opposites — chaos and composition, melody and noise, programmed and live instrumentation, all with a distinctly human touch. Mastered by Carl Saff.

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Profligate has toured the U. Over the Summer of Profligate began operating as a duo featuring L. Pinfold's black and white illustrations are fully integrated and ooze atmosphere, creating a haunting otherworldliness and a hint of menace.

Somewhere Else feat. Majid Jordan "Move Together"

The Song from Somewhere Else is a lovely story. Mostly it's a story of friendship and how it can be found in the most unexpected places. And also about growing up and learning that friendship is something that you can both betray and be loyal to and how you make the right choice in that.

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But it's also a fantasy, imagining other worlds and lives - are such things possible and can they reflect the joys and conflicts in our own, human, lives? It's beautifully told, in smooth evocative writing, with never a word wasted or out of place.

Harrold's The Imaginary was illustrated by Emily Gravett, whose beautiful images perfectly complemented the story. There's the same happy marriage between wordsmith and artist here, with illustrations by Levi Pinfold. admin