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And my existence, although completely incomprehensible to you, saves lives! Even after everything your Alliance has been through, you are still weak, but I would have made the galaxy strong again. The sentence is death! Take him away, Master Jedi. At least they got that right. But they were sending The Master right where he wanted to go: Everything was proceeding as The Master had foreseen. Don't click unless you really want to! Originally Posted by konstadinosblue Very good.

Originally Posted by Aurbere I understand.

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Chapter 1 She sat alone in the dark, waiting for her father to re-establish contact. The Master had not told her what the plan was, only that it required patience. Why did he toy with the Alliance? Why not take the seat of power? The Harbinger could only wonder, but she intended to ask him when he contacted her. The Master's Holocron glowed bright green once again as his image projected from the device.

What is your will? The Harbinger did not think such a thing was possible.

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I will find them. My other students should be with you now. The Shadow, a green Twi'lek with spotted lekku, knelt before the Holocron. The Gree Computer has been procured and installed. And what Gree Computer? The Computer is vital to the operation of Project Death. The Shadow and Assassin will follow you, hiding in the shadows. They will make sure that you are not harmed. No, she was trained to be the best, but their help could be necessary. Who am I looking for? We can't ally with them!

You will take it. I shall leave immendiately. The Harbinger stood up and use The Force to retrieve the device. She turned around to see the twi Twi'leks still kneeling. Finally, The Master had unleashed her upon the galaxy. Originally Posted by Beniboybling I know, how about you have the Master meet Traya's ghost and she uses force-lecture on him. An encounter between the two would be interesting. Traya would probably scold him about his reliance on The Force for survival and The Master would call her a hypocrite.

I actually have been thinking of some sort of trial for The Master involving spirits of the past. Luke was intent on following them to make sure The Master didn't escape, but he was stopped by the super-prison's Warden: Jansil was a tall man, and had an air of nobility about him. His dress code supported that theory, as he was wearing a neat black suit.

Many of them have been put in here because of you Jedi. Luke noted Jansil's attitude, but was worried still. I don't like it. Jansil nodded in agreement. I heard that their execution is in three weeks. Luke and Jaina quickly followed. Each cell was equipped with several Neural Dampener, preventing Force-users from using their powers to escape.

The Master could feel an invisible field around him, preventing him from using his powers. Escape would not be as easy as he had first thought. The Master surveyed his cell. Rusty walls, rusty refresher, a rock-hard bed sitting on a raised metal slab. Truly The Prism was a quality prison.

Darkness Waits 3 Pt.1

The silver durasteel walls had rusted to give the walls a blood-stained resemblance He sat on the bed, it provided no comfort for him He did not intend to be here long. The Master heard the echoes of footsteps coming from the hallway. Within moments the source of the footsteps was standing before him: Luke Skywalker, Jaina Solo, and two guards. The two guards stepped to the sides of the cell entrance.

Luke touched the Ray Shield that sealed the cell, it gave off no energy at his touch. As you can see, I can't escape. If you are here for something more trivial, please don't bother. He motioned to Jaina to leave. She obeyed her Uncle and stepped aside. Luke remained motionless for some time, studying The Master. A few minutes later, he left with the two guards. The echoes of their footsteps grew softer and softer as they exited Solitary Confinement, leaving The Master to his thoughts. The old star cruiser was remarkably capable for being from ancient times.

The Harbinger found it refreshing to be out of the darkness. She meditated, sitting in front of The Master's Holocron, with the two Twi'leks sitting beside her. The Holocron glowed bright green once again and The Master's image graced them once more. The Shadow and Assassin will not be traveling with you for now. The Twi'leks remained silent, forcing The Harbinger to speak for them.

I need their help. Once there, sneak aboard a prison transport. If you have any concerns, I assure you that a dangerous prisoner will be needing transport to The Prysm when you arrive on Coruscant. Do not fail me. Your missions are of the utmost importance. The Assassin bowed once more to The Harbinger. When we are finished with our mission we will return. She would have to deal with the Hutt Cartel on her own.

The office was decorated with several amenities that Luke felt were unnecessary. The Warden's desk had several small and rare flowers in silver vases next to a small computer at the center of his desk. At the back was a large painting of himself holding a baby Akk Dog. Jansil sat at the desk and sighed heavily.

Having that guy and his goons here makes me uneasy. This 'Master' was up to something, and Luke didn't like the tension that he was feeling. I'm sure you can keep him here until his execution. Jansil tensed as he wiped his brow. A Jedi should help, but I have this feeling that just won't go away. There was too little time spent, so while conflicts were resolved, they were resolved too quickly.

Also, having rea This was a disappointing ending to a fantastic series. Also, having read the third book the one before this over a year before this one, I found it very challenging to pick it back up. The author possibly because of everything he had to cram into this book picks up right where he left off and assumes the reader remembers every detail from the last book. I struggled with a lot of names and places. Jul 18, Susan Gilbertson rated it liked it. Everflame4 Everflame4 In this book I kind of lost interest towards the end.

I see the meanings of the book.

The Darkness Waits: Part One

But really what was the purpose of Steven Everheart? Just a side track that was unnecessary, unless I missed something. Basically a battle between good and evil. Jan 06, Audra Barbour rated it really liked it. Will the Everflame rise again? As I mentioned in my review of Book 3, there is just so much going on that it is hard to keep up at times.

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So many plot lines. And the ending was a bit of a let down after the crescendo that is Book 4. But despite this, the series is still really good! Maybe in 5 years I will read it all over again. May 01, Matthew rated it really liked it. Great Book Great Book Although the series started off with a different tone and directions it truly came together at the end.

Although the ending May no have been the one I hoped for it was none the less filled with meaning and a message we can all contend with. That no matter who you are it is your actions that make you a good person not your past. Jun 04, Savannah rated it it was amazing. Touching Touching This book pulled a lot of emotions out of me. The story came together really well.

I have already recommended the series to several friends. I'm sure they will enjoy it just as much as I have. Feb 18, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Really quite an impressive series!!! May 31, Julius Ross rated it it was amazing. I love this series! The fourth installment was more than worth waiting for!! I strongly recommend this series and will more than likely 're read from the beginning. May 14, Jennifer rated it it was amazing.

Gonna miss this series I'm glad I waited patiently and was able to reread them all again before delving into the final book Nov 19, Nate rated it it was amazing.

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Amazing ending to a glorious Series this series is truly amazing and wonderful. I fell in love with it with each book I read. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

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