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In episode 19, Guldo drops a steamroller on Krillin out of nowhere. Gohan figures Guldo has the power to stop time, while Krillin figures he has the power to summon steam rollers. Considering they're on Namek, which has no heavy construction machines, being able to summon steam rollers would be the likeliest explanation as to where he got one besides Rule of Funny. In Kai Abridged 2, Nappa unsubscribes after watching the episode. Understandable when you consider they cut out Ghost Nappa.

Freeza's "game" in the early parts of the Namek Saga, where he listens to his enemy's heroic speech and counts how many times he's heard certain lines. Why is this so brilliant? It explains why he bothered to slowly work his way through his different forms in the final battle instead of just going to final form immediately. He's so unbelievably bored about always getting his way that even though he's pissed off beyond belief he's still willing to hold back in the hopes that he might get an interesting challenge out of his enemies.

Future Trunks' reaction to Krillin telling everyone that Android 18 kissed him. Everyone else Krillin tells responds with "I don't believe you" except Piccolo who says he doesn't care, and Vegeta who says nothing , but when he tells Future Trunks he responds "I can't believe you. Telling him about the kiss would be like telling a Holocaust survivor that you kissed Adolf Hitler. It's a minor line that is quickly passed over, but it's tremendously effective in establishing just how radically different Future Trunks' experiences and outlook on life are compared to the rest of the cast.

It could also simply reflect the fact the Android 18 Trunks knows would never do something like that, and he still has issues realizing that he's in a different timeline now so he finds it impossible to believe she would act that way. Cell looks to be one of the funniest and biggest Ensemble Darkhorses in the series. Of course he'd be funny when he's made out of the cells of all the other popular characters.

He doesn't just borrow their techniques, but also their humor. Even more than that, there's a logical explanation to why Cell's sense of humor is so child-like and so not-fitting the situation he is in. Also, as someone wrote in his Character page, at this point he's the equivalent of a teenager. He's a Psychopathic Manchild that can regenerate from just about any damage, kills things for fun, cannot take anything seriously, and is generally a sarcastic prick. Also, "bitch, I drink people". They even have the same VA and his second form implies that the final one will sound like Alucard. Plus, their powers both come from the people they consume.

Pretty much confirmed in episode 51, where Perfect Cell sounds like a classier version of Alucard. Also, him screwing up when making his arena?

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At the end of the Christmas Tree of Might special, it's revealed that Piccolo's gift was a larger part in the next movie. The next movie made was Lord Slug Abridged , where he was badass and had the funniest lines in the movie, the "What's your gimmick" thing and the related snarking that came from that. Plus he got to play a role in defeating the movie's Big Bad. I think it's safe to say that Piccolo got a good present. Kami claims that fusing with Piccolo, and thus being stuck in Piccolo's head, would be like "just another prison".

Nail, however, doesn't seem to mind it. Because he's already spent his life alone, with only another Namekian for company. He's used to it. In fact, he seems happier "living" with Piccolo than he ever did with Guru. Gero modeled Android 16 on his late son, who was a Red Ribbon soldier who died to an enemy bullet. This actually explains Gero's desire for revenge much more than just the RR's destruction: This was already canon. The joke about it seeming to be made up is because it came from an interview with Toriyama.

You don't even know the half of it I was originally questioning why Piccolo knew the symptoms of a heart attack well enough to diagnose one in Goku in episode either 35 or 36, I don't remember at the moment, considering he's a green slugman, but since Dragonball is canon with DBZA, that means the "All of them?

After that, Piccolo would want to go look up what were the weak points on a human body, so he'd know human anatomy well enough to hit Goku's vital organs in their next fight. This gives him the added bonus of being able to diagnose medical conditions, such as heart attacks. The character who reads the disclaimer at the beginning is usually going to die, or at least be the Butt-Monkey for the episode. In the second Cooler movie, an out of character KaiserNeko reads it. Despite not technically appearing in the special, he suffered more than anyone.

In Episode 42, when Turtle mentions that Goku's sweating purple, Roshi's first thought is to ask if Goku's eaten any grapes, mentioning that he can't handle them. And while he hasn't had any actual grapes, what he has had is the heart medicine, which is grape flavored. From this, we can deduce that Goku has some sort of allergy to grapes, one that even the grape-flavored heart medicine can trigger. This sheds a whole new light on why he mentions not liking grapes to Trunks, and why he stopped taking the medicine once he realized it was grape flavored: It's quite possible that all his screaming from the last few episodes has been a result of the medicine's side effects, not his heart attack.

Bulma would have known that bacon is his Trademark Favorite Food and the cause of his heart attack. By giving the medicine a different flavor she ensured he wouldn't inhale it all at once. She just had the misfortune of picking something Goku couldn't handle. In episode 44, Trunks takes the pro-life stance on whether or not to kill an embryonic Cell. It actually makes a ton of sense that he would sympathize with an embryo, considering he himself was an unplanned child who went on to save countless lives.

Krillin meanwhile takes the pro-choice stance. He never asked to be born and constantly suffers abuse from everyone around him. Maybe he wishes he was aborted. Or maybe he's just become more cynical and aware that Cell will cause untold destruction after being "born". In episode 45 Chichi decides to finally let Goku do want he wants so he's allowed to go off and train to fight Cell just after recovering from his high cholesterol, but on the condition that he and Chichi have another child. Goku leaves without giving her a yes or a no.

This may seem like a joke at first, but if you remember whether or not Goku and Chichi have a child determines whether or not the Buu saga will be abridged. So the Buu saga has to happen, but without goten if they don't have him. Even if you took Dabura's VA being confirmed out of the equation, there's the appearance of Videl. In episode 45, when Goku and Gohan meet with Vegeta and Trunks, Goku mentions that Trunks is "only on two words" in terms of Vegeta's responses to him. Vegeta's last two statements to Trunks in the episode are three word phrases, which may be their way of showing Vegeta's warming up to his son.

After being the biggest of all bads in the entire series Popo seems to be losing his edge now that Cell has arrived, but if you think about it Popo's power level is based off the fact that he kept up with Goten and Trunks in the Super Saiyan forms and Cell even in his first form is a huge step above Super Saiyan. Popo's reign as the strongest might be in question.

Now that the Xenoverse Let's Play has confirmed that he's Demon God Dumplin, it's because he knows he's not allowed to do anything. The timeline can't be screwed with, and if it is, the Time Patrol will stop him. If that fails, the universe is destroyed, and that's pretty pointless. Plus, after spending all that time defending it, the last thing you want to do is undo all that.

As Demon God Dumplin It took two saiyan gods just to defeat him Popo is the evolution of Demon God Dumplin indicating that even the entire time patrol couldn't stop him. However just like 17 wouldn't fight Krillin because he's too weak Perfect Cell isn't even fit to pop the pimples on Demigra's ass. And Demigra wasn't fit to shine Popo's impeccable shoes.

Popo doesn't interfere because that'd be smacking a fly and Popo doesn't care about anything besides his own desires. And knowing in advance about the cell games he's going to sit back and watch because last time he was near them he was participating It could also be that without Kami, he's just incredibly bored. Brief's guidelines for a "perfect woman", Android 18 comes pretty close. She won't age, her reproductive system still works, and she's white. The only things that would stop him are probably that she can kill him and would not take kindly to being the submissive in the relationship.

Vegeta's Super Saiyan transfomration being activated by a petty tantrum may seem anticlimatic after his infamous rage break, but remember that in Dragon Ball Goku had a similar bout of rage when Krillin was first killed. This may be an indicator that pure-blooded Saiyans need two good shots of anger before transforming, presumably over a subject that matters most to them Goku's friendship and Vegeta's entitlement issues Kami's "Oh my god!

Piccolo's "You're not familiar with our anatomy" line to Freeza striking random parts of his body in order to hit his "gloobark" makes a lot of sense considering what we know about Namekians. They're asexual and don't eat, so their anatomy wouldn't be as complex as most other life forms. For all we know, they're just muscle. And that may also explain why Namekians are able to survive such brutal beatings. They don't have as many vital organs to damage. Humans and Saiyans might have gloobarks, but just have a different name for them.

Alternately, Piccolo's comment might imply that they have only one Gloobark; Freeza did say "Now for your other Gloobark". When Goku is charging the Spirit Bomb and Piccolo is distracting read: Actually, it's not about namekians not having gloobarks, but Frieza not hitting it the first time. After all, Frieza answers that he will hit his gloobark not his other gloobark, so he's admitting to have missed it , and Piccolo, as noted, confirms to actually have at least one. Frieza says that he will hit Piccolo's gloobark, "eventually". He does it a couple of episodes later, while Goku is charging the Genki Dama.

They jokingly hypothesize that Cell's body instinctively reacted to the immediate danger by quickly relocating his gloobark from his head to his left kneecap, so the gloobark is apparently that regenerative nucleus. It's no surprise that Gohan would be able to pronounce it correctly. Also note that Gohan "inherited" Piccolo's mind, but not Nail's or Kami's. Considering how simple times were back when they were dating, maybe she just wants to feel young and carefree again. Of course, this could also be chalked up to her having a preferred type, which Gohan happens to fit.

Strong and black hair seems to be part of it So, she was 34 when she had Trunks. What's the episode when she and Vegeta have unprotected sex? So, it is heavily implied that Yamcha doesn't commit suicide in this world simply because Goku goes out of his way to call him his friend. BUT, what if that small comment was also the reason for Goku surviving? After all, what Trunks gave him was preventative medicine, not heart-attack treatment. It is quite possible that the reason he survived had nothing to do with the medicine and everything to do with Yamcha being by his side and caring for him even if only superficially , as opposed to Chi-Chi and the rest of the gang ignoring him completely.

At first, I was confused about Cell suddenly quoting a song from Willy Wonka in a creepy tone of voice as usual in episode 47, but then I realized he borrowed this trait from Freeza, who sang his terrifying rendition of a song from The Sound of Music in his second form. In Episode 48, Imperfect Cell is the one who reads the opening disclaimer, which is usually reserved for characters who die in that episode. But, since he became Semi-perfect last episode, and never is that form again, he is for all purposes dead. It's been noted that TFS cut out the infamous "Goku punches Gohan" moment to instead have him reason with his son to keep him safe.

Given how Goku's been such an awful father in this adaptation, it seems they're starting to show Goku improving so that his death near the end of the Cell Games actually has an impact on Gohan. While this seems almost mean spirited, it may also mean that Goku's savvy. With almost every previous battle, it all came down to Goku saving the day. Not to mention Vegeta's getting first crack at Cell, and Goku thinks that he'll get beaten down like every other fight Vegeta's been in that he didn't win.

Cell's Insistent Terminology regarding the other androids being cyborgs instead of pure robots makes perfect sense on two different levels. First off, 17 and 18's organic bases are what enables him to eat them through his tail and actually get something from it, so of course he would insist on respecting that knowledge. Secondly, it set him up perfectly for the "I am ANDROID 16" moment when he tried to drink 16 by the neck, as he just assumed 16 was just like the others due to knowing so little about him.

He's Dumplin, many, many years after the game's series. The AI allies are almost always absolutely useless, which explains his hatred of them. His toleration for Goku's idiocy might be because Goku helped him reach this point, even if he had a habit of "securing the kill". As for why he's so sadistic? He has murdered the entire cast alongside the likes of Frieza, Cell and Buu hundreds of times.

You'd treat reality as a game too, if reality was almost literally a game. Episode 49 confirmed that Bulma has a fetish for screaming. Remember that she was on Namek when Vegeta unleashed his physics-defying scream and the next time they met, she was all too ready to dump Yamcha and invite Vegeta to live with her. This may also explain why her nightmare involved Vegeta threatening to rape her.

She saw him as a sexual being and fear was just the first stage of her imminent attraction to him. That whole scene on Namek may not have been a nightmare but a fantasy. When she was kidnapped by Emperor Pilaf in the original Dragon Ball and he threatened to do humiliating things to her, this is likely what she had in mind he didn't, and was Squicked when she told him what she thought he was going to do. So as off-putting as the scene is, it's not out of character for Bulma. Imperfect Cell looked monstrous and acted like a rapist.

Semi-Perfect Cell looked ugly and acted like a clingy reject. His Perfect Form is handsome and has a lot of genuine confidence. He's evolving not just in power, but in sex appeal. Back to the topic of Nail, he was always played as the Only Sane Man up until Frieza left him to die. His characterization shift could have been explained by the fact he believed he was going to die, so he did have a looser attitude than when he was serving Guru.

Later on, Nail is simply trying to amuse himself by messing around or trolling Piccolo, coming off as more comedic and sociable than Pre-Fusion! The guy finally got to relax after dealing with Guru for King Kai knows how long. Shenron referring to Mr. Popo as his master makes much more sense when you consider that, even though Kami gave life to Shenron by creating the dragon balls, Popo was the one who built the Shenron figurine.

Saiyans by nature have unreliable memories. Raditz forgot he could fly out of Piccolo's firing range Nappa realises he can fly, despite doing so in previous episodes Vegeta briefly forgot that Yajirobe had cut off his tail Goku. Enough said Bardock forgot that he had two sons and loses his train of thought at the slightest distraction Pambukin assumed that Selypa was Kakarrot's mother, even though they were all off-planet when he was born Trunks and Goku forgot they could go Super when fighting Androids So far, Gohan has been shown to have excellent memories.

That one Saiyan trait gets discarded due to human superiority When Krillin is explaining the concept of karma to Dende, Dende surmises that if he's good enough, he can get his family back. He later does an act of good - healing Vegeta - and gets his family back when Mr. Popo uses the Dragonballs to revive everyone Freeza and his minions killed.

Why does Krillin break the remote in Episode 51 rather than use it? Personal feelings aside, Android 18 is completely innocent in the Abridged series. She hasn't killed anyone and the only person she even beat up was Vegeta, who completely deserved it. The most horrible thing she's done is shoplift. This forces Krillin into a situation where he has to choose between killing an innocent person to stop an evil one or take the chance that the evil one gets much stronger.

He chooses the latter, thinking Vegeta and Trunks can still handle the situation. Unfortunately but predictably, Vegeta screws it all up - Even Krillin couldn't have predicted he'd attack his own son to stop him from helping. Along with that, the main cast except Goku, Gohan and Trunks have no one to blame but themselves for Cell's ascension. The whole series, they've been ragging on Krillin for no reason except that Yamcha wasn't around enough.

Krillin has no self-esteem or even self-worth at this point with the only people caring about him being Goku, Gohan and Future Trunks. Then, along comes a pretty woman who is not only attractive in both appearance and personality but actually respects him somewhat despite the fact that she could kick his ass easier than all the rest of them. How could he not have fallen for her with friends like his? Too bad about Eh, she ain't going anywhere.

I watched episode 52 and the scene where Perfect Cell gets Vegeta to hit him as hard as he can is triggered by mentioning Vegeta's father made me realize something: Vegeta's parenting techniques are most likely based off his father's and most pure-blooded Saiyans. Taking into account that Bardock is at least average in Saiyan parenting, if not close to good, then it makes sense Vegeta's being a dick to his son: It's the Saiyan way.

Another way to look at this is that after his father, Vegeta's father figures were Nappa and Freeza While that idea somewhat explains the harshness, Vegeta seems to go out of his way to be a terrible parent to Trunks. This is something Vegeta probably wouldn't pick up from his father, who at least cared enough about him to have Nappa save him from Freeza just in case, or from Nappa, who considered Vegeta his friend despite being an annoyance.

If you pay attention to how Vegeta abuses Trunks, and when you consider that Vegeta is a Card-Carrying Villain and an unrepentant Jerk Ass , it really seems like he's trying to invoke the Abusive Parents trope purely for the sake of being a dick. In episode 20 the Ginyus have a brief joke moment where, after realizing that Guldo had died, they have a 'not it' call to decide who would tell their Captain about it.

This was called by first Burter, then Recoome, with Jeice losing and being the one designated because he called out last. This becomes somewhat significant later; Jeice is indeed the one to tell Ginyu about Guldo's death, along with Recoome and Burters, since he ended up being the only one left alive to go back and tell him about it.

The Ginyus even ended up technically dying in the order they called out in. Since Goku planned to let the fallen Burter and Recoome live and leave them alone, Vegeta killed them himself: Jeice then died third, but only well after he had indeed relayed news about Guldo's death to Ginyu.

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When Recoome tells his buddies to turn on his music, the music that plays is instantly recognizable as "At Doom's Gate" from the first Doom video game. Why use Doom music? What seems like a completely out of character moment for Goku when he's explaining the mass to power ratio of grade three form Super Saiyan makes more sense when your realize that the only thing Goku truly knows about is fighting.

At the end of episode 53 Trunks makes a threat to Cell that when he dies, no one will remember him. This becomes eerily prophetic when you consider that he's the only major DBZ villain to never return in future canon material. Freeza comes back for Resurrection F. Buu's good counterpart lives on after his saga while his evil half is reincarnated as Uub. In other words, Cell may have been a good deal on Earth, but on the whole universe with Frieza and Buu , his presence went largely unnoticed.

Cell also doesn't have any specific dialogue with Beerus in Dragon Ball Xenoverse , unlike the other two. In their Let's Play of Dragonball Xenoverse , Team Four Star sucks so bad at the controls that Dumplin couldn't fight to his full potential, despite boasting about him being the strongest being in the universe.

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Since Dumplin is Mr. Popo, that would explain why he's so fucking terrifying; he doesn't have anyone holding him back now! In episode 54, Dr. Briefs informs Android 16 that he's missing "an exceptional portion of data. In episode 54, Chi-Chi tells the rest of the Z-Warriors that she's a fighter, too, backing it up with "how do you think I landed the strongest man on the planet?

Download The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England Brain Shot (Abridged)

At first, it seems like he's talking about Goku's power level, but when you consider that Goku engaged her unwittingly thinking marriage was a kind of food and that he's hardly ever around the house, it could be taken to mean that she didn't quite "land" him, either. No wonder that comment pisses her off so much. Dr Briefs says that 18 still has her 'babymaker' intact and admits that, yes, he is referring to her vagina.

This troper initially thought it was just a dumb, anatomically-incorrect joke to make clear that Krillin will want to do the nasty with After all, Dr Briefs is supposed to be a genius scientist, he would know that babies are not actually made inside the vagina. Dr Briefs clones his wife, apparently a ton of times!

Who says that Bulma may not be a test-tube baby and Dr Brief hence doesn't know the whole baby-in-womb thing? Or he meant babymaker as you know, the vagina the ovaries and everything to make the babies, I mean yes he mused about the vagina but that's kind of a component to make a baby.

Given that he went in alone and that the time chamber drove Goku and Gohan a bit insane after a few months, is it really any wonder that Piccolo starts having vivid hallucinations of Cell after only three days? This is actually mitigated somewhat by the fact that Piccolo has two real voices in his head Kami and Nail. In real life, long periods of isolation can really mess people up and aside from hallucinations and mental stress, can cause long term negative effects on the mind.

Later, Vegeta also went into the room alone and by the time three days had passed inside, he had gone batshit insane and started talking to a volleyball head version of Nappa of all people that he could converse with. It seems that having two real voices in his head actually helped piccolo deal with the isolation because he only just started hallucinating by the third day and his hallucinations were relatively mild. When Cell "advertises" his Cell Games on global?

TV, he repeats word-for-word Krillin's hope that the genetically-spliced monster will "leave the planet forever", which makes Krillin sigh in relief - before Cell goes on to admit that he'll be killing everyone first. Cell has Namekian DNA, and Piccolo can hear things at extreme distances - he could hear Krillin's words and was outright trolling him!

This probably isn't intentional, but Mr. Popo was introduced as a fearsome monster with powers beyond mortal comprehension, only to show a more sympathetic side with the help of a Morality Pet and lose his composure now that said Morality Pet is gone. With this in mind, consider that he's also Dumplin, a descendant of Majin Buu. Of course, Popo's Sanity Slippage has not brought about world-destroying consequences Like Gohan's potential not being fully unlocked because Guru went easy on him, episode 56 explains why Vegeta was still too weak against Cell despite a whole new year of intense training: Popo switched the Time chamber to days instead of year.

It would also explains why when Buu and Gotenks fight and break out of the chamber it looks like the same amount of time passed instead of a few second, Mister Popo forgot to set it back to normal. Seems like a version of Vocal Evolution at first, but it makes complete sense since, this time around, his family's still alive, he's near Gohan , and he's just been given Kami's old position, and the most traumatic thing he has to process at the moment is being teleported across the galaxy. He's less emotionally stunted at the moment, so of course his voice has more inflection in it. However, when you think about who Kami lives with While they are approaching the planet, King Cold ponders about the pronunciation of Earth because there's an 'A' in it.

Later on Trunks has a similar mix-up with Frieza's name because there's an 'I' in it. There isn't The reporter mixes up his words and mistakenly asks Cell "Where he is and who he comes from," Cell responds and by introducing his arena and begins to recite the entire story of Dragon Ball and it's characters Dream or not aside, Lord Chilled and his minions seem unaware of memes, which would kinda make sense as it's in the past when no one would get the reference.

A little, thanks for asking! Debatable, but they may have also have been oblivious the innuendo slang they were exchanging with the villagers over their S. In a race full of badass idiots like the Saiyans, it would make sense that the Legendary Super Saiyan would be the most badass and idiotic of them all. Kenshiro needs to hit one pressure point to make someone's head explode And the Hundred Rending Fists hits a lot of them. Considering that Hokuto Shinken has a move to deal with every crazy situation the practitioner may stumble upon , that may be exactly what the Hyakuretsu Ken was supposed to do-Cell was just the first guy on-screen with the healing abilities to show it off.

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In Episode 57, Mr. Satan is a full-blown celebrity on Earth with sponsorships and everything that entails and Vegeta has been on the planet long enough to experience at least a little Pop-Cultural Osmosis. It's entirely possible that Vegeta got the phrase from him and just didn't realize it. In Episode 57, When Mr. Satan said he is martial arts Champion, Goku immediately thought that he was stronger than Krillin, to which Krillin Question why him specifically. Remember, Krillin is said to be the strongest human fighter on the planet, even stronger than Tenshinhan, and Goku must have immediately thought that, with him saying that Mr.

Satan was stronger than Krillin. In a way, Goku is saying Krillin is the strongest human being and Krillin just doesn't know it due to his lack of confidence. Why does the Broly movie imply that Chi Chi's and Goku's wedding is having troubles with the "I want a divorce! Because the movies - to quote Vegeta - are so non-canon, it hurts.

So is Zarbon actually gay or not? Well, he might have already told us: At this point, I could go either way. As could I , Lord Freeza. You wanna know something funny about "That monster Pilaf" joke in Broly abridged? At first it sounds like Goku being the dumbass that he is, but I was reading the manga again, and guess what Pilaf did: And what was King Piccolo first act By proxy? It appears Goku is resentful over that whole deal. In episode 58, Hercule advises that all children be turned away when Goku starts fighting Cell and hurriedly advises kids to not share needles when he explains how a stunt man died from AIDS.

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Now consider that Videl's watching the fight. This might seem like a very random thing to add to the fight, but keep in mind, In-Universe, last time Goku met Cell face to face was on the day the tournament was announced, which was last week If were not counting the Broly movie. Pretty much, Cell possibly saw an opportunity to sing this in an unironic way and seized it. It might be shocking at first that Goku sends Gohan to fight Cell, but when you remember that Goku killed Piccolo's dad A sadistic monster whose just as bad as Freeza in sadism at around that age: Goku probably doesn't KNOW that it's wrong.

Later, Dende is talked into creating a new set of Dragon Balls for Earth, and taking over the role of Kami i. Earth's God in the process. Gohan will later marry Videl. God's romantic rival will be the daughter of Satan. Semi-Perfect Cell is also depicted as a stalker and sexual predator, which lines up with Connery's less than admirable views of women in Real Life. Throwing back to Episode 31, there's a throwaway joke about the Lake Paozu tuna that were hunted nearly to extinction and are slowly rebuilding a viable population right before Gohan punches several out of the water.

Gohan is presumably picking up dinner, and lives nearby. So, what ditzy Big Eater do we know has been living nearby for long enough to reduce their numbers to a dangerous low? Goku has been gone since his first death, training with King Kai, fighting the Saiyans at which point he was hospitalized and left almost immediately after his recovery , and then in space, so the Paozu tuna have probably had a chance to rebuild! Gero created incredibly powerful and unbelievably advanced cybernetic and bio-mechanical lifeforms Every single machine he built was flawed somehow and he could never get them to operate properly.

In terms of structural design and hardware, they were incredible works of mechanical genius, better than what a literal intergalactic space empire could build, but every machine had fundamental flaws in its behavior that Gero could not resolve. Furthermore, Android 19 is riddled with countless bugs and appears to have terribly-optimized programming, considering how long it takes to load up many of its programs.

All of this implies some seriously faulty code in all of Gero's machines. In other words, he's an extremely skilled engineer, geneticist, and specialist in medical and cybernetic technologies, but he's a terrible programmer. This makes total sense, as mechanical and biological engineering are totally different disciplines from computer programming. Cell being nice to Yamcha might not have just been to dig at Vegeta. Remember, according to 16's estimates, Cell is about That, combined with a chance to mess with Vegeta, caused Cell to be all compliments with Yamcha.

The series provides a reasonable explanation for the canonical Gohan's consistent inability to dodge incoming lethal attacks, necessitating others usually Piccolo to jump in and save him. Being in those situations causes him to relive his Training from Hell with Piccolo, which acts as a PSTD trigger and makes him freeze up. The reworking of Dr. Raichi into Santa Claus seems a bit random at first until you notice his color scheme: The curve on Hatchiyack's head also looks somewhat like a Santa hat. Vegeta mentions trying to shoot down Santa's sleigh, and in Plan to Eradicate Christmas , he even recalls multiple attempts nostalgically.

That's probably how he spent his Christmas in Christmas Tree of Might.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged / Fridge - TV Tropes

And the fact that it was just him, as opposed to the whole planet, is probably why he managed to hit this time Santa wasn't bothering with evasive maneuvers. In both Broly and Plan to Eradicate Christmas , Piccolo is shown to be the only one of the heroes to remember or care about Slug. Cell can't take it when his 'perfect' arena keeps having these inexplicable minor flaws and reconstructs it several times, a few after swearing that he won't do it again. Brilliance because vampires are known in some myths to have OCD and be unable to let tiny things go, distracted sometimes to their doom.

Cell qualifies as a vampire of sorts. In Dragon Ball , Chaiotzu had impressive psychic powers, but could barely do math in his first appearance, didn't understand humor, and stopped in the middle of a fight because he couldn't tell right from left. Bardock isn't too bright despite his psychic powers, either; it took him forever despite the obvious hints that he was in the past unless you count his ability to cause pain, which is on the level of a 'brilliant scientist'.

Related tangentially to the above: Cell seems to be unnaturally gifted at finding peoples' psychological weak points. It's excusable with the likes of Vegeta and Tien, since they're components of him and he probably has some understanding of how they think, and with Trunks, since his Breaking Speech there involved a personal history he was involved in, but how the HFIL does he know what Mr.

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