How To Make Money With Free Soda Vending Machines

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Tape it to the top of a one dollar bill, where the number 1 is located.

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Let the rest of the tape hang off the end of the bill. Repeat this step, this time taping the bottom of the bill where the number 1 is located. You will now have a dollar with two long strips of tape.

Top 5 Vending Machine LIFE HACKS 2017 (FREE Money, Coca Cola, Codes & FOODS)

Place a pencil or pen in the middle of the strands of tape, then fold the tape over so there is no sticky side exposed. Insert your taped dollar into the machine. It will take the dollar, but you will still have the pencil and tape connected to it.


Press the numbers to order your drink and wait for it to come out. Holding the pencil or pen firmly, slowly pull your dollar back out. The vending machines will earn money from advertisement revenues, so the concept is somewhat similar to the free tissues with ads on them that are constantly being passed out wherever pedestrians congregate.

The paper cup itself will have an advertisement printed on it, and there will be a screen to show you a 30 second commercial while you wait for your drink to be prepared. Some of the screens may ask you survey questions or allow you to play games. By advertising on certain machines, this pinpoint marketing is expected to allow companies to reach their ideal target audiences. Makes you wonder how much would an ad spot on the peak of Mt.

As our taxi driver missed the entrance and proceeded to do a U-turn in the middle of the road, I thought the gorgeous fall colors enveloping the highway around us might have mesmerized him, Free Drink Vending Machines! This allows you to load coins into the coin tubes, which you can't do from the outside.


SE Allows you to test the buttons. Will give you number of button when you press it SP Sold-out paddle test. Not quite sure, most likely internal function. Su Sold-out switch test. Will run various column motors.

How to Make an Older Pepsi Machine Work for Free

Put in a coin and it will tell you what kind of coin it is. Same as Cn, but for bills. Will illuminate various LEDs. Do not do, as it will cause damage if various internal parts are not unplugged before usage. PASS - Password This is not normally accessible, but allows you to change the menu password from the Not sure how to work it, but it seems simple enough. This means that various buttons will all mean the same thing, i. This is probably only accessible with the door open. I won't go into detail, but I'll list the Config numbers and what each do: C4 is autoviewing of menu when door is opened, C5 is door switch status, C6 is mysteriously reserved for "future use", C7 determines whether your money credit stays in for 5 minutes or indefinitely, C8 is Force Vend, C9 allows multiple vends without putting in more money i.

However, if you're able to set the C-switches properly, you'll be able to manipulate the machine in any way you want, get free drinks, change the price, set up cool buy-one-get-one-free deals, etc, etc. Not to forget, knowledge is power, and free soda. Comment Reply Start Topic.

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  2. Man scams vending machine into giving him free coins and drinks.
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