The Renegades: Nick

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The Renegades: Nick by Genell Dellin (ebook)

Their Big Misunderstanding was frustrating to read and I did wish that Callie and Nick had been more honest and understanding with each other. Although the setting and background were well written, it was a little tiresome to have this internal struggle taking place, when it could have been more easily resolved.

All in all, if you have enjoyed The Renegades: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Claudia Terrones Review Date: May 4, Publication Date: Nicholas The Renegade looks like a twisted version of Santa Claus with a pale blue face and yellow-white hair. It has red, strabismic eyes [1] , and has a spiky mustache and beard. Rumors had spread a month earlier that if it was defeated, it would drop an extremely rare item that would be able to revive a player from death; as such it was sought out by many.

Chapter 2 : The Renegades

One night I had a visit which was to change my life forever. Richard Bennett and Ian Nelhams were two lads that I knew quite well as they lived close by.

Return of the Renegades

Two other members, Lenny and Paul, left the group before I even met them, and I wondered if we would ever rehearse with a full complement. We were on our way!! It sounded pretty awful but the audience, made up mainly of friends, gave us a warm reception.

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Sometimes we hid our equipment in shop doorways whilst one of us hailed the bus. We knew that the conductor would never let us on if he saw the gear first!

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One memorable night, when I had been promoted to lead guitarist, Nelly came up with the brilliant idea of placing my speaker at the opposite end of the hall, explaining that I would hear myself better. He carefully ran about 70 feet of cable from my amplifier to the speaker, strategically placed at the end of the hall.

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All went well for two tunes until someone shut the cable in the door and severed it! That ended that experiment!

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